Steps to Restart In-Person 4-H Meetings

A guide to walk volunteers through the process

The Rutgers, Restarting In-Person RCE Programs page contains information and resources for all Rutgers Cooperative Extension to coordinate in-person programs. This page is intended to assist 4-H club leaders in Sussex County restart in-person 4-H club meetings. Please refer to the RCE page for detailed information on this process.

To get started, everyone needs to watch, RCE Program Guidelines for Restarting.


On your mark...
  1. Complete the online form to submit a request for your meeting. You will need to have the following information at hand:
    • When it’s being held (date and time)
    • Where it’s being held (location address)
    • How many are attending?
  2. 4-H Office receives, reviews, and approves request.
  3. 4-H Office will notify you that your request has been approved.
  4. 4-H Club participants (leaders and members) will receive email from the 4-H office through 4-HOnline confirming the meeting.
  5. Leaders should follow-up with their club members with details and reminders for the meeting.


Get set...

The 4-H leader(s) coordinating the meeting must…

  1. Complete Health Screening Form
    • Your members will be requested to complete this online prior to your meeting. When they arrive at the meeting they will be able to show you a green check image from their smart phone.
    • The may also scan the QR code from the Health Screen Flyer and complete the health check at your meeting.
      Hard copies of the form should be available to members who were unable to complete the form online.
      Contact the 4-H Office if you need copies for your meeting.
  1. Print a copy of the Attendance Form for your club
    (printing a copy of your club roster through 4-HOnline may be helpful.)

Holding your meeting


See Checklist for details and confirm all procedures

  1. Ensure outdoor meeting space is set up properly (distancing, cleaning, etc.)
  2. Have masks, hand cleaner available
  3. Paperwork:
  • Covid Health Check sheet ready
  • Have Club roster printed out and take roll as members arrive (snap a photo and email to Dave or Tanya)
  1. Hold Meeting
  2. Clean tables and chairs afterward

For more information, see Restart In-Person RCE Programs.


Hard copy files for download