2019 NJ 4-H Rabbit, Cavy, Small Animal, Herpetology, & Poultry Show

4-H member with bantam

The State 4-H Rabbit, Cavy, Small Animal, Herpetology, & Poultry Show will be held in Somerset County on Saturday, October 5. The registration deadline has been extended – entries must be postmarked by September 12. 

The show catalog is posted on the NJ 4-H website at:


In order for 4-H members to participate in the state show they must be a member in good standing, meet your county requirements (if any), and get approval from a county 4-H staff person. 

Poultry Club Members

Pigeons and Water Fowl do not need to be pullorum tested. If 4-H members are interested in bringing chickens to the state show and do not have a current PULLORUM test, you may submit your poultry entries (without a payment). We are hoping that the antigen used for the testing will become available sometime this month.

If and when the antigen becomes available, the State 4-H Office will notify you of the date and location to have your chickens tested by the NJ Department of Agriculture.

Once chickens are tested, payment for entries can be made. 

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