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citizen science in practice at BNLP

Citizen Science is a new approach to scientific research. Instead of using just highly educated professional scientists, Citizen Science invites everybody (citizens) to collect information/data that can be evaluated and used by scientists/experts.
Everyday people can observe, document and share scientific data with free software using their smartphones. With lots of groups involved, a crowd of data can be transmitted to the Cloud for scientists. Fieldwork that once depended on a few students can now be undertaken by any number of individuals—and families. More information can be collected and shared faster than ever before. This can accelerate the pace of science and improve understanding of our world.
The Brandwein Institute is hosting workshops for parents and their children as well as community groups (i.e. 4-H, scouts, science teachers, and clubs) this Sunday, 9/22, 12-4:00 pm. You can learn first-hand how to become a citizen scientist, experiencing how science is done. Participants will not only learn how to collect and transmit data, they’ll learn how scientists use this information. It’s an opportunity to learn and be part of science!

Specifically, participants will learn how to measure and collect data on:
1. trees, seasonal phenology dates, and assess the general health of a forest.
2. local bird migration and invasive species through a “BioBlitz” protocol.

All the data collected will be shared with GLOBE and iNaturalist scientists.

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About the author

Dave is the 4-H Senior Program Coordinator for the Sussex County 4-H program.