Agricultural Scholarships are now available

Agricultural Scholarships are presented each year by the Ag. Division of the NJ State Fair/Sussex County Farm & Horse Show and applications are now being accepted for any Sussex County graduating high school senior or college student currently enrolled in an agricultural program pursuing a two or four-year degree, or graduate studies in one of the many fields of Agriculture. 

For more information and the application please go to and click on Fairgrounds/Ag/Ag. History for the PDF application.  Information is also available in local guidance offices.  Mail application to the Ag. Scholarship Selection Committee, c/o G. Danko, P.O Box 2456, Branchville, NJ 07826.  The deadline is April 15th.

To view all scholarships that may available to 4-H members go to Forms – Sussex County 4-H ( and scroll down to the Scholarship section.


NJ 4-H Animal Art Contest – Get Creative – Entries Due April 12!

NH 4-H is excited to announce the New Jersey 4-H Animal Art Contest – FREE and open to all NJ 4-H members in grades K-13!  While all artwork must be animal-themed, you do NOT need to be enrolled in that particular animal project to enter art in that department.  You don’t even need to have an animal project to enter the contest, as long as you are a registered NJ 4-H member with animal-themed artwork that you created since September 1, 2020.  Join the fun and showcase your talent!  Entries are due April 12.

The NJ 4-H Animal Art Contest is actually five art contests – you may enter your animal-themed artwork in the following departments.  Each department will recognize their own division winners and best of show recipients:

  • Dogs
  • Equine
  • Livestock (beef, dairy, goats, sheep, and swine)
  • Small Animals (rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, herpetology, and poultry)
  • Other Species (any animal not featured in the other departments – including alpacas, llamas, cats, and wildlife)

Divisions and Classes
In each of the above departments, there are four divisions: (1) 2-D Art (includes paintings, drawings, sketches using a variety of media), (2) 3-D Art (includes sculptures and crafts using any type of media, including but not limited to clay, foam, fiber, fabric, wood, model magic, etc.), (3) Photography (includes five classes – Action, B/W or Sepia, Digital Darkroom, Still Life, Storyboard) and (4) Videos (includes short creative videos of animals, taken by you).

Classes in each of the above divisions within each department will be organized by grade.

  • Cloverbud (grades K-3)
  • Junior (grades 4-8)
  • Senior (grades 9-13)

In each of the departments, members may enter two art projects in each class.  For example, a member may enter two projects in 2-D Art, two projects in 3-D Art, two projects in each of the five Photography classes, and two projects in Videos  – for each department.

Each participant will receive feedback from our judges.  All Cloverbuds will be recognized with a participation ribbon.  Those in the Junior (grades 4-8) and Senior (grades 9-13) classes will receive ribbons using the Danish system (Excellent, Very Good, Good, etc.).

In addition, $25 gift cards to Shop 4-H will be awarded to the exhibitor earning Best in Show recognition in each of the five departments for both the Juniors (grades 4-8) and Seniors (grades 9-13).  All Best in Division winners for both the Juniors (grades 4-8) and Seniors (grades 9-13) will receive a rosette.

For more information and how to register go to:
NJ 4-H Animal Art Contest – Get Creative – Entries Due April 12! (

Attention Horse Project Members

The Horse Registration deadline has been extended to May 1

In the hope that we may be able to resume some in-person activities soon, please remember that members who want to participate in 4-H Qualifying Shows and the State 4-H Horse Show must declare their project animals no later than May 1.

The form to register those animals with the county 4-H office can be found at

If your members do not own the animal they will be using, the lease/borrow form is also there and should be sent in with the registration form by May 1 as well.

You may mail, fax, email, or hand-deliver them to the 4-H Office.

Contact Dave ( or Tanya ( if you have any questions.

Workshops and STEP Clubs are open to all, 4-H members and Non-4-H Members.

Upcoming NJ 4-H Workshops

April 12th at 8 pm: Natural Confidence for High School Students Glennae Brown will be presenting on Natural Confidence for high school students. Join us through meditation and other interactive ways to find your natural happiness

April 13 3:30-5:00pm Get Strong and Go Run, It’s Fun! (4th-7th Grade)
Exercising is a very important part of our lives. However, not all exercise is the same and not all types train your body the same way. 4th through 7th graders are invited to learn about strength/aerobic training. Learn the benefits, learn the differences, and learn which type is better for their goals.

April 13 at 3 pm: Create a Little Green Creature (grades K–3)
Create and learn to grow a little green creature. You will learn about what plants need to survive. Explore what grows up and what grows down. 

April 20th at 3 p.m. – Making a Mask to Make Up My Character  (K-3rd)
It is magical to create a character from the mask you make! Once you design your mask, you will act out the character of your mask.

April 27th at 3 p.m. – Art with Food (K-3rd) Description – Create food masterpieces that are edible works of art.

May 19th at 7 p.m.- Virtual Improv Night (Teens)
Join our youth in a fun evening of performance and improvisational theatre!
Register here

Current 4-H STEP Clubs

Young Researchers: A Youth Club on Writing and Publication

Have you ever thought to publish your own writing? In partnership with John Wiley, and Son. youth are invited to learn about the process of publishing, careers in publishing and will work on a team to publish their own product! 

Youth researchers will walk through the author’s journey to create content that will be published online by global publishing powerhouse, John Wiley, and Son. Friends, family, teachers, and the public will be able to view their published work live online. Youth will learn about academic research publishing and tips to spot the difference between “Fake News” and valid research. Youth will also have a chance to share some of their pre-written work to learn to improve their work for publication. This program is open to all teens interested in scientific research, publishing, and writing! Sessions will run weekly on Thursdays at 3:30 starting March 25 and ending April 22.

Young Researchers: A Youth Club on Writing and Publication registration link

Rabbit & Cavy Basics Boot Camp

Discover all the Basics of Rabbits and Cavies (Guinea Pigs) over this 8-week course of learning. Care, housing, diseases, and more. This is a great introduction to prepare youth to join a full year Rabbit/Small animal program if you wish in the future.  The club will meet Monday evenings from 7-8 pm starting April 12 through May 21

Rabbit & Cavy Basics Boot Camp Registration

4-H Collabs with the Future of Health Care 

Have you ever thought about a career in the health field? We can help you out! As future health care professionals we are continuously learning the ways around the field. We can teach you tips and tricks to ease your way later on in life, such as jobs in health care, how to use teamwork and collaboration, and how to set a SMART goal. This club is geared towards youth grades 7-9.  We hope to see you there! 

This program will run April 19-21 from 6:30-7:30pm

4‑H Victory Gardeners 

Join us for a virtual Short-Term Exploratory Program (STEP). Young people in grades 4–12 are invited to join us for virtual meetings to help grow an at-home vegetable garden! Whether in a container, on your windowsill, or in a backyard, youth will learn to grow food from seed to sprout! Each session will be step-by-step, interactive, and will include a review of gardening techniques, discussions, and show and tell. This STEP Club is ongoing and meets on the first Monday and third Friday of the month at 4:30 pm.

4‑H Victory Gardeners registration link

Photography Club for High Schoolers

In this STEP photography club, you will learn tips and ideas to help you become a better photographer. Topics include, for example, f stops, shutter speeds, depth of field, and composition. Bring to the club a camera with changeable settings or a smartphone with optional apps. Come explore your creativity through your photographer’s lens!  Sessions will run June 7 -28th from 3 PM to 4 PM

NJ 4-H Rutgers Day Event

STEM Webinars

Title: Learning to Code with Origami (Computer Science without a Computer) (grades 4 and up)
Date/Time: Saturday, April 24 at 11:00
Description: Participants will learn a little about computer science coding through the creation of an Origami activity. 
What you need for the session: all you need is a piece of paper (square shape or origami paper works best – if you don’t have one just cut a square from a blank piece of paper.

Title:  Create and Send Secret Messages (Computer Science without a Computer) (grades 4 and up)
Date/Time: Saturday April 24 at 1pm
Description: Participants will learn a little about computer science coding while creating and sending secret codes. 
What you need for the session: all you need is a few pieces of paper and something to write with.

Healthy Living Webinar 

Title: Think What You Drink (grades 4 and up)
Date/Time: Saturday April 24 at 10am
Description: Participants will learn to read nutritional labels from their favorite drink (in your home) and see just what you are drinking. Learn how sugar affects the body, “hidden” names for sugar, and how to calculate the amount of sugar in your favorite drinks.
What you need for the session: See documents below and make sure to have some containers of your favorite drinks available to you.


  1. Homemade Sports Drink (32k PDF) 
  2. Think What You Drink (232k PDF) 

Civic Engagement/Service Webinar 

Title: Smart Cents Financial Literacy – A Family Kahoot Game (grades 5–9)
Date/Time: Saturday,
April 24 at 10 am
Description: Join youth and families to play a Kahoot game, learning and challenging your knowledge about financial literacy! Prizes for all participants! All ages welcome, youth under grade 4 suggested with an adult. 
What you need for the session: Login and bring your smiles!

Introducing the New Jersey 4-H Photo Corps

NJ Expressive Arts 4-H is pleased to introduce the New Jersey 4-H Photo Corps program! You are invited to join to share your photographs and learn about photography.

Each month there will be a different theme/topic for you to explore through photography. You’ll take a picture based on the theme and submit it to the Photo Corps website. Experienced photographers (juror/mentors) will evaluate your photo and share tips to help you take better pictures.

Your photo will be posted along with others from Photo Corps members on the NJ 4-H Facebook page along with a gallery on the NJ 4-H Flickr site. When Covid restrictions allow, Photo Corps photos will be displayed in public venues.

The juror/mentors will make their selections for the top photos based on each month’s theme. Additionally, the public will be able to a people’s choice favorite through the NJ 4-H FB page.

The NJ 4-H Photo Corps is open to youth in grades 4-13 (one year out of high school). You do not need to be enrolled in 4-H to join Photo Corps. 

To join…. Download directions here!

Once you’re registered in Photo Corps, you can submit your photo for the month. This month’s theme is, All About Water. Remember, these must be current photos; not photos you’ve taken in the past.

Think about water and the many ways we interact with it. From the Delaware River bordering the west, to the Hudson in the North and the Atlantic Ocean along the eastern and southern coasts–NJ is a state defined by water! Water, we depend on it for life. We see it as rain, waves, and mist. Water is all around us. 

Now go out and photograph it!

The submission deadline is April 30th.  By the end of May, you will receive feedback on your photograph from Jurors/Mentors

Save the Date for Virtual Rutgers Day

Join us for science experiments, demonstrations, readings, contests, and more, all from the comfort of your home. Our faculty, staff, and students are working hard to prepare exciting virtual programming for you to enjoy.

For a list of planned events go to: Program Listing | Rutgers Day

For more information about Virtual Rutgers Day, contact the Office of Community Affairs, 848-445-1921, or

4-H Partners with JOANN for the ‘Opportunity for All’ Campaign

JOANN stores are helping 4-H bring more hands-on programs to local communities across the nation to inspire kids to lead lives with their heads, hands, and hearts.

Today through April 30, 2021, visit your local JOANN store and donate at the register. A $4 or more donation comes with a $4 off coupon for a later purchase. 100% of the funds donated go back to   4-H with 70% going back to the county 4-H program and 30% going to National 4-H Council. 

In addition, JOANN wants to support individual 4-H’ers involvement by providing a rewards card for 4-H members, leaders, staff, and parents. The rewards card gives holders 15% off their purchase every day.  To sign up go to

USDA Agency Launches New Site for Science-Minded Students
AgLab, a new science-education website operated by USDA’s Agricultural Research Service, is now “open for business” to students and educators alike. For more information go to


Georgia Boot is a proud partner of the National 4-H Council. We believe every kid should have the opportunity to be #GeorgiaBootStrong and create a better path #Fourward through the hands-on learning experiences that 4-H offers. These programs help build confidence, creativity, leadership, and resiliency, shaping our future leaders.

Apply the promo code 4HKIDS in your cart to get any kids’ Carbo-Tec LT boot for only $49.99, plus $5 per pair sold will be donated back to 4-H youth.

Community Service Opportunity for 4-H TEEN, LEADERS & Parents

WGIRLS INC is seeking volunteers who can help seniors without any help or computer knowledge get COVID-19 appointments. The group connects volunteers with a senior and gives them the tools, such as apps, bots, and resources, to help schedule appointments.

A link to more information and the sign-up form is here:

Information and Programs For Our 4-H Parents and Leaders

Rutgers “Earth Day Every Day!”
Spring 2021 series

Rutgers Cooperative Extension’s “Earth Day Every Day” educational webinar series is back for Spring 2021. Open to the public, these free sessions focus on steps everyone can take to protect the environment. We can all do our part to take actions that make our homes more sustainable, from starting a native plant garden, to protecting local watersheds, to choosing the right trees for your property. These actions, more than ever, start at home.

Join us every Monday online to learn and ask questions of the experts at Rutgers Cooperative Extension. Every week we will cover a different topic and leave you with small actions that, together, will reduce negative impacts on the environment. The spring lineup will cover eight topics, from starting a native plant garden to understanding food systems and climate change. There is also an RU Wildlife Wise session with the Rutgers Wildlife Conservation and Management Program about how to help injured or orphaned baby animals.

Each live webinar will be one hour and will be presented via Zoom. To join, you need a computer, tablet, or smartphone with speakers. More information about these free sessions and a link to register can be found here.

4/12/21 – From Rain Gardens to Rain Barrels; Protecting Watersheds at Home
4/19/21 – Food Systems and Climate Change
4/26/21 – Trees, Wonderful Trees

Are you interested in building your STEM toolbox? Join us as we seek to StemPower participants in a virtual national discussion and professional development experience around formal and non-formal concepts in STEM education. Keynote speaker Robert Tai (informal will challenge your thoughts on non-formal STEM Education while Capnote Speaker Abigail Harrison “Astronaut Abby” will inspire you to STEM influence our youth to “Dream Big.” The cost is $200. Register By April 19, 2021

Register here:

The Sussex County Fairgrounds Presents:
A Day of Learning

May 2, 2021

On May 2, 2021 the Fairgrounds facilities will be transformed into “classrooms” for the day, offering 15 unique lectures on a variety of topics presented by experienced and captivating instructors (some you may even know!) This is an ALL-VOLUNTEER effort to support the Fairgrounds and other community organizations. Please join us!

The day will be divided into 3 time periods. Five individual classes will be taught during each time period. Attendees (“students’) will select one of the 5 classes offered each period, for a total of 3 classes. In addition, students can attend the Bonus Class / Keynote Speaker presentation after the conclusion of the three class periods.

For full event details or to register go to: A Day of Learning: Overview | New Jersey State Fair (

WHAT IS AN ASKABLE ADULT? An askable adult is one who is approachable and easy for youth to talk to about anything that is on their mind. Qualities of adults who are “askable” include patience, consistency, respectfulness, honesty, kindness, attentiveness, trustworthiness, lightheartedness, open-mindedness, non-judgment, and knowledgeability. Askable adults often have a similar racial/ethnic or sexual identity as the young person or common background experience.

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? This training is designed for adults who are interested in becoming more “askable” and supportive of the youth in their lives. Open to all adults, educators, summer programs and camp staff, parents, youth development professionals, and youth group volunteers. Participants will enhance skills that will enable them to have strong, trusting, and affirming relationships, communicate more effectively, strengthen connections, and be a valuable resource for the young people in their lives.


Zoom details will be sent following registration. Participants must attend both sessions. For more info on the Askable Adult Campaign, check out the Vermont Network Askable Adult Campaign. Registration will be capped at 35 participants.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram 

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