Sussex County 4-H Weekly Newsletter May 9 – 15, 2021

Happy Mother’s Day to all our 4-H Mom’s both Volunteers and Parents!

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

Sussex County 4-H Animal Project Representative Applications due this
Tuesday, June 15.

4-H Members in grades 11-13 who have completed three years in an animal project area are encouraged to apply to represent their animal species as this year’s 2021 Animal representative. Members applying must have completed a County level public presentation for the current project year to be considered.
In the event of a competition for representative, more than one person applies; independent judges review the contestants’ application and schedule an interview portion for each applicant. Individual interviews will last approximately ten minutes with each judge asking 1-3 questions. Contestants applying will need to be able to attend the following required events during the fair if chosen:

 – NJSF/SCF&HS Opening Ceremonies (and parade if applicable) on the First Saturday.
 – Queen of the Fair Contest on the first Saturday
 – Be available in your species barn from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm on the Thursday of the Fair to assist Round Robin participants.
 – If not a participant in Round robin, assist during the Round Robin event.
 – *Livestock Reps Only– Assist with Market Animal Dinner and Sale (Tuesday evening)
– Assist with species shows and other tasks as requested by your animal area coordinator.

Applications can be downloaded at:

The S. C. 4-H Animal Representative application packets must be completed and turned in to your 4-H club leader.  The applications received by club leaders should be submitted to the 4-H office no later than June 15, 2021. 

Workshops and STEP Clubs are open to all, 4-H members and Non-4-H Members.

Upcoming NJ 4-H Workshops

More Workshops will be added soon!

Current 4-H STEP Clubs

4‑H Victory Gardeners 

Join us for a virtual Short-Term Exploratory Program (STEP). Young people in grades 4–12 are invited to join us for virtual meetings to help grow an at-home vegetable garden! Whether in a container, on your windowsill, or in a backyard, youth will learn to grow food from seed to sprout! Each session will be step-by-step, interactive, and will include a review of gardening techniques, discussions, and show and tell. This STEP Club is ongoing and meets on the first Monday and third Friday of the month at 4:30 pm.

4‑H Victory Gardeners registration link

Photography Club for High Schoolers

In this STEP photography club, you will learn tips and ideas to help you become a better photographer. Topics include, for example, f stops, shutter speeds, depth of field, and composition. Bring to the club a camera with changeable settings or a smartphone with optional apps. Come explore your creativity through your photographer’s lens!  Sessions will run June 7 -28th from 3 PM to 4 PM

4-H Game Design Challenge
Summer 2021

Passaic County 4-H is holding its first Game Design Challenge. Did you know that playing board games can be more than just good family fun? Playing board games is also good for teaching and practicing cognitive skills such as decision making, higher-level strategic thinking, and problem-solving, all skills important in the computer science field!

Families all across NJ are eligible to enter!
You will receive instructions and more information via email after you have completed registration.


Please email any questions or concerns to
Register early as supplies are limited.


Georgia Boot is a proud partner of National 4-H Council. We believe every kid should have the opportunity to be #GeorgiaBootStrong and create a better path #Fourward through the hands-on learning experiences that 4-H offers. These programs help build confidence, creativity, leadership, and resiliency, shaping our future leaders.

From now until August of 2023, we will offer various promotions on our website and at select retail partner locations. A portion of sales from these promotions will be donated to National 4-H Council to provide critical resources needed to support the organization’s efforts to empower our youth. Georgia Boot has committed to a minimum donation of $75,000 in 2021, $75,000 in 2022 and $85,000 in 2023.

Information and Programs For Our 4-H Parents and Leaders

Restarting In-Person RCE Programs

As of May 2021, pre-approved RCE programs, meetings, and events can take place in-person in an outdoor setting with no more than 25 total participants (including volunteers, participants, parents, etc.).  Social distancing and face masks must be utilized.

We are pleased to share that we are beginning to restart in-person Extension programming. We know that some of you may still not feel ready or comfortable with in-person activities and that is okay. We also know that many of you are eager to resume in-person participation and we want to make that happen.

We are optimistic about restarting in-person RCE 4-H activities. It is important to note this process will be phased. All in-person RCE 4-H activities (including programs, meetings, and events) will be small, for now, that means 25 or less total people. They will also need to take place outside. Face masks will be required for all people present. All participants will need to complete an RCE Health Screening Form prior to arrival. These requirements will be revisited as conditions change and new information emerges.

Visit the Restarting In-Person RCE Programs website ( for more details. We will follow the guidance from Rutgers University and will send out changes to our guidelines when they occur.

Rutgers NJAES Calendar: All Statewide Events

Classes scheduled for next week are:

Tuesday, May 11, 2021; 7:00 pm: Agritourism/On-Farm Direct Marketing Risk Management Webinar SeriesAgritourism Operation Checklists and Self-Assessment During the Pandemic
Thursday, May 13, 2021; 1:00 pm: Rutgers Lunch and Learn course – Psychological Safety: Creating a Safe Zone in the Workplace (fee)
Thursday, May 13, 2021; 6:30 pm:
RU Ready 2 Preserve Food at Home- Pickles
Thursday, May 13, 2021; 6:30 pm:
RU Ready 2 Garden FREE webinar- Getting Back to Our Roots with Root Crops
Friday, May 14, 2021; 12:00 pm: Helpline Live – Vegetable Gardening

Friday, May 14-20, 2021: ONLINE CORE Training Program for the NJ Pesticide Applicators License (Fee)
Saturday, May 15. 2021; 8:30 am: Home Gardeners School @Home: Cultivate Summer Blooms and Bounties (Fee)

Tuesday, May 18, 2021; 7:00 pm: Agritourism/On-Farm Direct Marketing Risk Management Webinar Series – What to Do When Something Goes Wrong, Incident Response and Media Relations
Thursday, May 20, 2021; 1:00 pm: Rutgers Lunch and Learn course – What’s Your Style? Communication Preferences for Success
Thursday, May 20, 2021; 6:30 pm:
RU Ready 2 Preserve Food at Home- Tomatoes & Salsa
Thursday, May 20, 2021; 6:30 pm:
RU Ready 2 Garden FREE webinar- Growing Organically: 5 Keys to a Bountiful Home Garden

Saturday, May 22. 2021; 9:00 am: Pet First Aid & CPR Certification (fee)

Attention Teachers!!

Are we alone?” “How did we get here?” The ENIGMA project is part of @nasa’s focus on #astrobiology – the study of the origins of life on our planet and the search for life beyond Earth. This is where the @rutgersu led ENIGMA team comes in. The ENIGMA team’s idea is that if we can find out how life started on Earth, we can figure out how life may have started on other planets, and search for it. In this “Tools of Science” video (, see how this interdisciplinary team is figuring out how proteins evolved to create life on earth – and how to find these protein ‘biosignatures’ in the minerals that make up Earth and other planets! To accompany the video, our education team developed a discussion guide to facilitate your exploration of the video themes, with links to activities, resources, and related videos! Learn how to incorporate this video into various #LifeScience, #EarthScience, and #PhysicalScience topics in middle school and high school! 


The NJ Climate Change Resource Center at Rutgers is pleased to partner with Climate Generation, NOAA’s Climate Program, and The Wild Center’s Youth Climate Program to offer a Summer Institute for Climate Change Education where educators from across the nation are coming together virtually to gain new skills for teaching climate change.

Rutgers is leading a cohort of 20 selected educators from all subject areas to participate in the program, hosted by Climate Generation. As an NJ representative, you will gain the skills, tools, and resources to teach climate change concepts and empower students in all subject areas, and receive ongoing support throughout the year. You will help NJ DOE and Rutgers share important resources and effective practices for teaching with the NJ climate standards.

Here are the details: 
When: July 28–30, 2021 with a special session with NJ DOE STEM leader Michael Heinz – (July 26th, 3-5 pm)
Where: Online!
How: Apply to participate at
Scholarships to cover registration fees are available through support from the Rutgers Institute of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
The deadline to register is May 19, 2021

This three-day experience is full of powerful and engaging keynote speakers, meaningful discussion about the intersection of social justice and climate change, and collaborative conservations between a national network of climate change education leaders. Leave feeling reinvigorated for the new school year and prepared to educate your students to be global citizens.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram 

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