Why Give a Virtual Public Presentation?

Some 4-H members have asked if they are still required to do a public presentation now that 4-H in-person meetings and participation in the fair is suspended.

Here are some reasons to (still) do a public presentation:

  • If you already prepared a presentation, moving to a virtual format won’t be that difficult; most of your work is already done!
  • If you were planning to use slides as visual aids, and you’re doing a live presentation, you can share your computer screen in Zoom. If you’re recording your presentation, you can record with your computer screen visible. No screen or projector will be needed!
  • If you qualify, your recorded presentation can be submitted for State Public Presentations. You must be in eighth grade (or older) and receive an Excellent or higher score.
  • Whether you record it to a smartphone, or do a live presentation in Zoom, you’ll be learning new skills. These virtual skills you develop now are sure to come in handy later.
  • Making a 4-H public presentation at the club or county level is required to be a 4-H Member in Good Standing

Options for making a virtual public presentation include:

  1. Video Submission
    You, or a family member would record yourself giving your presentation, and uploading it to your YouTube account. We will send you further instructions after your registration in 4HOnline is confirmed. A team of judges will evalute the recorded presentations and you will be emailed your judging sheets after scores have been recorded by the 4-H Office.
    The deadline to upload your video will be May 15.
  2. Live Presentation via Zoom
    The dates we have set aside for this are Friday, May 1 and Thursday, May 7. This option would be limited to about eight (8) members per night. If more members are interested, we’ll look at scheduling additional nights. Judges will be available to review and provide feedback.

You can register for public presentations through your 4HOnline account. Deadline to register is April 29

If you’re unable to register online, email Tanya Patrie

About the author

Dave is the 4-H Senior Program Coordinator for the Sussex County 4-H program.

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